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Booking in Malaver with

Services conditions

Check in and checkout

Check in time from 14:00 hours (GTM+1), so on, and check out time before 12:00 hours (GTM+1). However, both will be either anticipated or postponed if no previous or posterior booking are produced. Anyway, those will be communicated to customer.

Any check out later than 20:00 hours will have an additional cost in case of OLAIN personal requirements. Remote check in is optional, and free of extra charges.

In required advise minimum 2 days before of arrival time, in other case, we don’t guarantee check in time.

At check in, it’s mandatory Personal ID or Passport presentation of anybody who will be hosted in the flat, filling of travellers part (only to be presented at Police), and Credit Card presentation.

Consumptions, Equipments and Cleaning

Common consumptions, as electricity and water (no gas equipment available) during stay are included in price, except rents for more than a month.

Every apartment is perfectly cleaned before check in, not only flat but also trousseau. Any customer will be able to request additional cleaning services for longer stays. At check out, flat should be at acceptable conditions, not only in cleaning terms but also equipment and trousseau terms as it was at check out. OLAIN INVERSIONES S.A.L. reserve itself a special right to debit Credit Card in case of unusual conditions at check out.

At check in, customers will obtain in flat any sheet and towel needed. For stay longer than three days, both will be substituted by others cleaned.

For stays longer than a month, customer will get sheets and towels requested for stay and affording the cleaning of both. There is a cleaning service for sheets and towels at disposal of customer, optional.

Use rules and responsabilities

Customer is reponsable of his own goods in the flat, custody of flat gadgets given as well.

  • It’s not allowed handing of any substances forbidden which imply wealth riskiness of annoying for other hosted.

  • Animals are forbidden in flat.

  • Hosted should respect any moment:

    • Convivence rules and resting hours.

    • Order, Cleaning and maintenance not only inside the flat but also in common places.

    • Rules comunicated about wastes.

    • Responsible gas and electricity comsuptions.

    • Those indications given by OLAIN contact person

  • For security and wealfare reasons in building community, it’s forbidden:

    • Use of flat for more than Lumber of people declared at check in.

    • Any celebration neither forseen or non forefeen.

    • Put volumen of apraisal Lauder of normal use, especially befote 10:00 hours (GMT+1) or later than 23:30 hours (GMT+1). ).

    • Leave waste throug Windows (butts, papers, etc.), either inside common places or street.

    • Change furniture, equipment and trousseaus of place, inside apartamento or between them, except holding chairs, if returned to original place finally.

    • Use of apraisals for any use different of theirselves.

  • In general terms, any activity which treta security and welfare of cohabitants are forbidden. Also, if they coul imply damages of losses of utility, functional or static in any equipment or trousseaus.

In case of customers and/or habitants don’t respect rules or contravene any ban, OLAIN INVERSIONES S.A.L. reserve the right to require the evacuation of the apartment.