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General Conditions

You as user or customer are responsible for reading, understanding and making sure of term validity and conditions that are detailed below. Website use implies the agreement and commitment of conditions and terms.

Future changes will only be valid if there is no previous reserve, confirmed by user or customer.

It is needed to accept conditions in order to reserve. That's the reason why we beg you read the following terms.

Company's identification, as owner and server. and are urls belonging to OLAIN INVERSIONES S.A.L. addressed in José Gallego Góngora, núm 17, Villanueva del Ariscal, Seville, Spain, and TAX NUMBER A91499020.

Our services

OLAIN INVERSIONES S.A.L. (hereafter OLAIN) offers aparments for touristic use. One of commercial chanels is website where online booking of those is able.

OLAIN INVERSIONES S.A.L., as apartments owner, commite with you these contract terms.

Minimum stay

Minimum stay will last two days, except seasonal changes. However, any change will clearly metioned in estate description and station signed.


Tarif is expresed in Euros, VAT included. It will be changed depending on season.

For less than a month, the following are included: taxes, electric and water comsuption, use and benefit of equipments, as well as services detailed above.

For bigger stays, tarif will be customized and previously mailed.

Apartments have minimum and maximum capacity. In case of not fitting minimum capacity, tarif will be as minimum one. Maximum capacity overcome is forbiden.


Bonds are not requested. Nevertheless, at check in, credit card will be requested. So, it will be debit on that card any damage in flat or any non-acceptable luggage left.

These terms and conditions as the most eficiency authorizations for aceppting the debits mentioned in case of being produced.

Unilateral Termination of contract by Olain Inversiones S.A.L.

The use and Benefit of flats are under principles of cohabitance and racional use and benefit. Case of infring those principles, OLAIN INVERSIONES reserves the right to unilateral termination of contract, with the only obligation of paying back days left. In this extreme case, charges because of damages or non-acceptable conditions in flat or equipment or rest of inmeuble habitants, ownership included.

Change in Proposed Customer’s booking

Any change done by customer because of dates will depend on inmeuble avalaibility. Pricing will be unchanged, except stays incremental or high season affected. In case of confirmed stays will no pricing changes because of neither stays days reduction or changes from high season to low one.

In case of changes related to number of people, it will depend on maximum capability of each flat, that capability will no over in any case . Price will be revised because of incremental but not for decremental.

Booking changes proponed by Olaín Inversiones S.A.L.

OLAIN INVERSIONA S.A.L. commercializes its flats not only through its own website but also through agencies and other websites. It disposes of procedures and systems for booking managing. Nevertheless, in case of booking duplicity, either at complete of partial period, the customer will be contacted immediately offering an alternative of equal or higher characteristics. In case of no availability, the bill debit so far will be play backed. The devolution excludes to OLAIN INVERSIONES S.A.L. of any complaint.